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The Relationship Between Your Business And Your Commercial Cleaning Service
18Sep 2014
The Relationship Between Your Business And Your Commercial Cleaning ServiceThere is a lot of importance placed on cleanliness in the workplace, and with hygiene being a big part of certain industries, like production and the food industry, it is for good reason. In any office, it is proven that staff work better when the place is clean and tidy, and it encourages concentration, as well as ensuring that the place feels more pleasant to work in. You will find that the result of the benefits of office cleaning means that the cleaning services that you use need to integrate with your work place in a way that helps it, without hindering the staff themselves. There are a few things to think about in this sense, and having a look over the following tips and ideas will hopefully give you a look in to how you should be thinking about the way in which you get your workplace cleaned.For a start, you need to think about how often you need to get your professional cleaning service round. If you are in any doubt as to how often, then it is usually best to start with once every couple of days, and then increase it to once a day if necessary. You will find that with high footfall areas, like a shop, or a hairdressers, you need cleaning every day. In an office however it may not be as urgent, and you may be fine with once every couple of days. With restaurants and factories, daily cleaning is mandatory, and you will need to ensure that all places that work with of pass health and safety checks on a regular basis, to prevent your business from being shut down by the authorities! The time that the commercial cleaners can come will depend on when you are closed up, or at least when you have the least people in the building. Some offices will have staff who carry on working rather late, and in these instances, you may well have to have your cleaners working around them. With a business that has the public in the building, you need to avoid the cleaning getting in the way of their experience with your commercial venture, and to ensure that the cleaning service only come after closing hours. You should ensure that your cleaning company are aware of how to interact with your staff members. If you have a service that will be there whilst the staff are around, then they need to be able to work side by side, and that means getting long well. Ensure that your staff are aware of when the cleaners will be in, so that they can avoid working late that night, or put their things away tidily, so that the cleaners can dust off their desks without losing or rearranging anything. If you can find a cleaning firm with friendly staff, then that will be even better, as it means that you will be able to ensure that they are not going to have a hard time interacting with the staff of your own business. With larger jobs like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and other deep cleaning services, you will need to plan ahead, to ensure that the process will not take up more time than you can allow for. With the carpet cleaning, dry cleaning is preferable, as it means that the drying time is not an issue. The same goes for upholstery cleaning, as you need your furniture to be usable for clients and staff, rather than soaking wet!

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