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Stain Removal Around The House
23Jan 2015
Stain Removal Around The HouseThe home is a wonderful place for the family to gather and create life long memories. Unfortunately, the nature of many people, and sometimes pets, sharing a living space can lead to mess occurring. Stains are the most common form of mess and can happen for so many different reasons. Anything from food spills to mud stains on the carpet, they do occur in every room around the house. Thankfully there are many stain removal techniques that can be an easy fix when it comes to house cleaning. Kitchen cleaning most commonly involves cleaning up a stain or spill of some sort. This is one of the rooms of the house that is most prone to grease and oil stains, particularly regarding oven cleaning. Carpet cleaning often involves stain removal as well. The easiest target for stains in the lounge room is the sofa. Regular sofa cleaning is important to maintain the fabric quality and condition, so stains or spills should be attended to immediately. Making your own home-based stain remover is also a good idea. This can be a great time saving option. It also means that the cleaning product you use won’t be filled with harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the environment or spread unhealthy toxins in the atmosphere if you have kids. Some home-made stain removers can be made using the following everyday items:-    Baking soda: either use baking soda sprinkled onto a stain, or it can be mixed it with water in a spray bottle to spray in an area. For heavy set stains, make a paste using less water in the ratio to baking soda. Then set the paste on the stain and let it soak for an hour or two before wiping it away with a cloth.-    Salt: this is ideal if you have an odorous stain in the carpet. Salt absorbs the stain and odour effectively so that the carpet fibres don’t become ingrained with it. -    Baby powder: this is best for greasy stains and spills as it absorbs the liquid. After the powder has soaked it up, just wipe away the affected area using a wet paper towel or cloth. -    Chalk: again, this is effective for greasy spills and stains and can be used in the same way as baby powder.-    Club soda: this, or tonic, is ideal for getting wine stains out of carpets -    Cat litter: for heavy set oil stains, most likely to occur in the shed or garage, placing cat litter over the area will soak it up. After 24 hours, vacuum up the cat litter or sweep it up and the stain will be gone. -    Nail polish remover: this can be a good cleaning solvent for laminate counter tops as it isn’t too harsh and won’t destroy the lining.-    Lemon juice: when it comes to ink stains such as pens or markers, lemon juice mixed with salt and baking soda is the perfect recipe to remove stains. The acidic nature makes the ink stains dissolve and then the affected area can be wiped clean with a damp paper towel or cloth.Many of these home-based stain removal solutions can be used on floor spills, hard surface spills, and clothing spills. Depending on the size and placement of the stain, the ingredients and methods of stain removal should be varied. But you can rest assured that your everyday items around the home will be handy for fast acting stain removal!

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