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How To Steam Clean From Top To Bottom
21Mar 2014
How To Steam Clean From Top To BottomCleaning the house top to bottom can be tiresome and quite a lengthy mission to accomplish however there are easier ways to do this which could save you heaps of time, energy and money. We’re talking steam cleaning! Some people may already do this, some people may not know what to do with one, and there may be people who are not familiar with it steam cleaning at all.Let’s discover how beneficial a steam cleaner can be, Steam cleaning is great, it’s easy to do, it’s extremely effective, it’s efficient and it’s quick! Basically everything that we hate about cleaning, the steam cleaner is great for improving the situation. The thing is many people are not aware of all the things you can do with a steam cleaner (and there are loads) hence why many stick with the conventional methods of cleaning. When it comes to cleaning the house top to bottom, here’s how a steam cleaner can come in very handy,Start upstairsIt’s up to you were you start, but I generally find that it’s better to start at the top and to work your way down when you are cleaning the house from top to bottom. A steam cleaner is useful for cleaning curtains in the bedroom, why waste time taking them down, washing them, ironing them and then putting them back up? Simply steam clean your curtains as they hang, work from top to bottom and to offer a fresh new look and take the hard work out this job. Also since you’re doing the window area, you may as well steam the windows too, no need for window cleaning sprays and a bunch of old rags, just blast them with the steamer instead. Fabric headboards can also be cleaned with steam cleaners as can the flooring or carpets. For hallways they are great, you can blast the hall carpets, skirting boards and woodwork at ease and its extremely quick, much quicker than getting on your hands and knees to hand scrub the marks and stains away.1 tool, many jobs! Room by room!As you move from one room to the next, repeat the process again. If you are cleaning the bathroom  you can steam clean the whole bathroom including tilling, ceramics, and walls, This room is used to steam so almost anything in there should be ok to clean with a steam cleaner. In the kitchen you can remove grease from tiles quite easily with steam cleaning them, the hot moisture works extremely well at breaking down grease allowing it to be wiped off easily afterwards. Steam cleaning appliances is also effective at cleaning white goods easily, offering a fresher new look, and it saves time and energy from having to scrub these appliances and risking scratching them, which often occurs with abrasive scrubbing tools! Sometimes no matter how often we mop our kitchen floors, we can never seem to get them to look really clean! The steam cleaner is perfect for kitchen floors, no matter what material your floor is made of, the steam will help to clean it easily and effectively. Other useful things you can do at home,Steam clean upholstery- because the drying time is dramatically reduced with steam cleaning, it is ideal for cleaning all upholstery at home, such as sofas, chairs and anything with a fabric outer layer and the results are often impressive.You could use one to spruce up old grubby rugs too and save money by not having to replace them as often.Tip/ before you buy, why not see it in action first by hiring a professional steam cleaning company to come to your home and to demonstrate how effective they are.