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Getting Rid Of Spring Stains
16Dec 2014
Getting Rid Of Spring StainsAs if spring cleaning was not enough, spring brings you more work in the form of stains that are likely to get on your clothes and upholstery during spring time activities. Here we have listed a few of the common stains and the ways you can deal with them. Of course, it depends a lot on the fabric so if you can’t get the stain out by any of our home remedies, try calling in a cleaning agency to do the dirty work.Grass stainsWouldn’t you love to randomly sit anywhere you like in the park or roll around in the grass with your kids or pets? Unfortunately, doing either will leave your clothes grass stained. Chlorophyll, found in abundance in green plants (and yes, grass), is a natural pigment and can easily penetrate natural fibres and make a stain that can be very difficult to remove. If you come home and notice that your clothes have patches of green from the grass you have trodden in, soak the fabric in a vinegar solution made out of cold water. Avoid hot water since it may break down the cells and pigments and cause the enzymes to make the stain more difficult to remove. Follow the soak with a cold wash cycle with your usual detergent. Repeat the process as often as necessary till the stain is completely removed or obscured.Dirt and mudA spring shower is very romantic and always welcome, but unless you are sharing a special moment in the rain, you are not going to enjoy cleaning the dirt and mud splashes off your clothes. Mud stains can settle in very stubbornly on some fabrics and be hard to remove without the help of professional cleaners. However, before you send it to them, try getting in out yourself. Dry the mud first and then try to scrape it away with a knife. When most of the mud has been removed, sprinkle some detergent on it and wash it in cold water, agitating suitably. You may need to repeat this a few times before you notice that the stain is completely gone.  Ketchup, sauce or gravySpring is a great time for picnics and parties but we all know how easy it is to get stains on your table cloth or clothes. No matter how careful you are, your kid will definitely get a lopsided bite into that burger and a little drop of ketchup will finds it way on their new clothes, or you will be passing the meatballs around a few drops of gravy will spill on your clean table cloth. To remove either stains, scoop up the excess without trying to spread the stain. If the stain has dried, scrape it with a butter knife. Then blot the stain with vinegar and rinse it. This should dilute the stain. If it still persists, wash it with warm water and soap.GreaseEveryone loves a wonderful summer barbeque but if you are the one at the grill, you are bound to get grease and oil stains on your clothes. Grease stains are also a common threat to those who are gearing up to go biking or mowing their lawns. The best thing about grease and oils is that they are generally not absorbed quickly by fabrics, this gives you ample time to react to staining. The first step to cleaning a grease stain is to remove it, either by using a blotting paper or scraping it off with a spoon or knife. Next, run the stain under warm water so that the stain is washed away instead of soaking into the fabric. Wash it with detergent as you normally would and you should be able to get rid of the stain easily. However, if the stain still persists, you might have to send the clothes to the dry cleaners.

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